Matter 1.1 update announced, here’s what’s new

Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has announced the new version of Matter. The company has announced the Matter 1.1 and has confirmed that it will include a couple of new improvements which will be applicable for both existing and new Matter-enabled smart home devices.

Matter 1.1 to make it simple to onboard smart home devices for developers
As far as new features of Matter 1.1 are concerned, the most noticeable one is that it will make it easier for developers to onboard their devices to Matter standards and also make it easier to certify their smart home devices with Matter standards.

Matter 1.1 also adds clarifications and specifications for developers to easily get started with the standard. Then, the automatic testing procedure has also been improved than before.

Apart from that the latest Matter standard also brings better support for battery-operated devices also known as Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs). For those unaware, motion sensors, humidity sensors, etc are battery powered and these devices go into deep sleep when not in use and this is when they get disconnected from the hub intermittently to preserve battery. Matter 1.1 is now more aware about these devices and has a better understanding that these devices are in deep sleep and not disconnected or offline. This will most likely help reduce the unnecessary disconnection users usually face with battery-powered devices.

Meanwhile, Matter is also set to receive another update later this year. The update is expected to bring support for more device types like vacuum cleaner, appliances, cameras and more.


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