How Netflix is making it easier for users to find saved shows, movies

Netflix is reportedly bringing new filtering options that will allow users to easily find shows and movies that they haven’t watched. The improvements are coming in the My List option.

According to a report by The Verge, the improvements to the My List feature — that is coming first on Android starting — will allow users to filter the list by movies, TV shows, “Haven’t Started,” and “Started.” These filters will come to iPhones over “the next few weeks.”

Netflix spokesperson Layal Brown also told the publication that these filters will also enable users to sort shows and movies by options such as date added, release dates, and in alphabetical order.

Netflix ‘Coming Soon’ feature
Netflix is also adding a “Coming Soon” row to the home screen on the TV app, the publication said. The feature will be handy in situations where users want to learn about what new shows and/or movies are coming. Additionally, users can set a reminder when a specific show or movie is available on the app.

Netflix password sharing crackdown
Netflix has been working on ending password sharing and is limiting sharing passwords in four countries: Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. The crackdown has reportedly caused an immediate user plunge – over 1 million – in Spain in Q1 2023.

A report said that many users, who left the service, will return to the service under a paid subscription model, “but the current trend shows that this is far from guaranteed.”

“Interestingly, there is no strong demographic skew to those who cancelled, signalling a more outright rejection of the password-sharing clampdown. In a worrying sign for the next quarter, 10% of remaining Netflix subscribers say they plan to cancel their plan in Q2 2023, which is well above the average seen in previous quarters,” the report said last month.


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