How to share text and URLs from Windows PC to Android using Nearby Share

Nearby Share for Windows works seamlessly for transferring files and documents from Windows to Android devices and vice versa. The tool is mainly known for transferring files and folders and not many people are aware that it can also be used to transfer text or links from one device to another just like files, photos, etc.

Google launched the Nearby Share for Windows a while back and despite the fact that the app feels finished, it is still in beta and is work in progress. However, it works without any issues. If you have used to share files, photos, videos, etc using Nearby Share from one Android device to another Android device, then the Windows version is non different. All you need to do is open Nearby Share, select the file and choose the contact to share it.

If you want to share texts and URLs from Windows PC to Android or vice versa, here are the steps you need to follow:

Download and install Nearby Share on your Windows PC
An Android phone running version 6 or newer

How to send text or links using Nearby Share
On your PC, open Nearby Share app
Head to the text which you want to share, select it and copy it. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the text onto the app.
Now, head back to Nearby Share app and paste it on the app
The app will detect it as text and change — Sharing Text
Now, select the contact showin the right panel to share
For this make sure that the Nearby Share is turned on and enabled on your phone
Accept from the phone or on the device you are sending the text or URL.

Once you’ve received the text, it gives you the option to open or copy in the notification. In case of links, only the copy option will be available.


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