Apple Watch battery health: How to check and what to do it it has dropped significantly

Apple Watch is the most selling watch in the world and there’s a reason behind it. However, this is not about the features and convenience it brings to the table. It’s about the battery life and many people will argue that their watch battery life has deteriorated significantly over the years. And, there’s nothing wrong with it as the battery degrades over prolonged usage and over the years, the capacity to sustain the peak performance and retain the charge for long periods go down and that results in poor battery life over the time.

The reason behind Apple Watch reduced battery life
That said, how to determine whether the Apple Watch’s battery is the reason behind the reduced battery life or is there something else causing the issue. Given the fact that smartwatch battery life also depends on how we use it.

For instance, if you use the watch all the feel good features like continuous heart rate monitor, LTE always turned on, regular SpO2 measurements, Always on turned on and so on, then it is bound to last relatively less. On the other hand, if you are less generous while using the features, the battery life will be significantly better.

The problem occurs when the battery life reduces on the same settings you’ve been using the watch for amost quiet sometimes. And, this can be a solid reason to question the capabilities of the battery.

What solution Apple has offered
Apple has offered the option to check Battery Health of the Apple Watch, just like the iPhone. Using this, You can determine whether the battery health is fine or if it needs a change.

To check Apple Watch Battery Health: Press the Crown on your Apple Watch to open the App launcher. Then head to Settings → Battery → Battery Health.

Here you’ll see the battery percentage which indicates the health of the battery.

If the battery health is more than 80% then the battery health is fine, according to Apple. If it is less than 80% then, the battery has depriciated significantly and you need to take action.

What to do if battery health is depriciated
If you find that Apple Watch Battery Health has depreciated, then you’ll see the option where Apple will recommend you to contact customer support. On the official support page, Apple has also mentioned that users can get the battery repaired. Do note that the battery isn’t covered under warranty. So, you may have to pay for the repairs or battery replacement.


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