Gogoro 2 & 2 Plus e-Scooters Homologated In India

Mar 27, 2023

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Taiwanese EV startup, Gogoro Electric has homologated the 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters in India. The homologation documents have surfaced online, revealing the specifications of the e-scooter.

While both scooters claim a top speed of 87kmph, the continuous power output differs – 7.2kW on Gogoro 2 and 6.4kW on Gogoro 2 Plus. The difference in power outputs also results in different claimed ranges on both e-scooters – 85km on the 2, and 97km on the 2 Plus.

In terms of dimensions, the e-scooters are identical with a long wheelbase of 1295mm. For perspective, the 2 e-scooter is longer than the TVS Jupiter 125, which has one of the longest wheelbase of 1275mm in its segment. Both, 2 and 2 Plus e-scooters have a gross vehicle weight (which includes the kerb weight as well as the weight of the rider) of 273kg.

Gogoro is quite popular for its efficient battery-swapping tech which will be a game changer once it gets popular in India as it can swap the batteries in 10 seconds. 

Currently, the e-scooters will not be launched for the general public anytime soon, and will only be available as a pilot run in collaboration with Zypp Electric in the B2B segment. Apart from that, Gogoro will be setting up battery-swapping stations across the country. The pilot run program is a great platform for Gogoro to test out its electric scooters on Indian roads and iron out any complications that might arise before selling it to the general public.