How to disconnect your third-party digital wallet from Instagram

digital wallet from Instagram

Instagram works with third parties on digital collectibles to provide the latest details about collectibles. These also include who created them and who owns them. Digital collectibles are unique digital items that you can share on Instagram. Blockchain technology is used to record who owns them.

Instagram, in its support page has said, “We work with third-party digital wallet apps that validate who owns and who created the digital collectibles shared on Instagram. When you connect a third-party wallet to your Instagram account, you’ll be asked to allow that third-party app to validate your ownership of your public wallet address.”

To disconnect your digital wallet:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Tap instagram-menu-hamburger in the top right of your screen, then tap Digital collectibles.
  3. Tap the wallet you want to disconnect.
  4. Tap more actions, then tap Disconnect wallet.
  5. Tap Disconnect wallet one more time to confirm your wallet disconnection.

Once your wallet is disconnected, you can connect it to a different Instagram account.

  • If you disconnect your wallet from Instagram:
  • You won’t be able to see the collectibles from that wallet on Instagram.
  • Any previous collectible posts will remain on Instagram, unless you archive or delete them.
  • All owner and creator tags on any previous collectible posts will be removed.
  • If you created or bought collectibles on Instagram and added them to your wallet, those collectibles will continue to exist on the blockchain after disconnecting. Those collectibles will be visible in your third-party wallet, unless you remove them.
  • Any previous collectible listings will remain on Instagram, unless you archive or delete them. You will no longer have access to these listings.
  • If you reconnect the same wallet, all owner and creator tags will reappear on any previous collectible posts.