Apple’s ‘cheapest’ M2-powered iPad Pro 12.9 model is now a cool $100 cheaper than usual

Sep 19, 2023

Can you remember when was the last time the 2022-released iPad Pro 12.9 giant scored a substantial discount at a major US retailer? Mind you, we’re not talking about the 2021 edition with Apple M1 processing power or its little 11-inch brother from either last year or two years ago.

Fortunately for bargain hunters looking to make the most well-informed buying decision possible, we have all of the records and history at our disposal and we can tell you Amazon’s latest iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) deal (largely) matches a promotion from all the way back in May.
The crucial difference is you can only save $100 on an entry-level 128GB storage configuration sans cellular connectivity now rather than being able to choose from a multitude of similarly discounted variants.

This is obviously the most affordable sixth-gen iPad Pro 12.9 model, although we’re not entirely sure “affordable” (let alone cheap) is a good way to describe a tablet that normally costs $1,099 and up. Either way, you are looking at coughing up a cool Benjamin less than that for this bad boy in a single space gray hue, at least if you hurry and pull the trigger right now.

Amazon is clearly dealing with rampant demand here, listing the marked-down slate as “available to ship in 1-2 days” at the time of this writing, which probably means that the device could go back up to its regular price or out of stock entirely at any moment.
If you’re thinking of waiting for a sequel to this Apple M2-powered colossus with a stunning mini-LED LCD screen in tow, you should know that the chances of seeing a new generation released by the end of the year are slim (at best) and the eventual 2024 follow-up could be priced rather extravagantly with an even higher-quality OLED panel as its key upgrade.