8 Best EasyWorship Alternatives for Church Presentation (2023)

May 26, 2023

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Making presentations in the church has been simplified with the best EasyWorship alternatives. This type of presentation is quite similar to what we see in PowerPoint alternatives or Apps like Prezi. When you walk into churches or religious organizations, you’ll observe that most churches have multimedia presentations. These presentations are done with the likes of EasyWorship and they all have one goal in mind. That is to display song lyrics, sermon management and so on.

In nowadays churches, EasyWorship has been quite popular for making presentations. Despite how good it is, there are other church presentation tools that work better. With them, you can elevate your church presentations to new heights.

Therefore, we’ve decided to curate the best EasyWorship alternatives for you here at NaijaKnowHow. Finding the perfect church presentation tool is essential, whether you’re running a large church or a small one. You’ll get to discover top church presentation tools for your worship needs.

List of The Best EasyWorship Alternatives for Church Presentations

Whether you’re looking for a church presentation tool that’ll display song lyrics, video display, sermon management and so on. With the options listed below, you’ll find the right presentation software that’ll meet your demands.

1. ProPresenter

One of the best EasyWorship alternatives out there is ProPresenter. It is a versatile church presentation tool that has robust features. With ProPresenter, you can effortlessly display song lyrics, scripture verses, videos, and slideshows, all with smooth transitions and high-quality visuals. Its powerful media integration capabilities allow you to easily manage and present multimedia content, providing a seamless worship experience for church members. ProPresenter is quite a heavy type of church presentation tool and it does need some standard requirements.

One of the reasons why ProPresenter is quite different is because of its advanced stage display feature. It’ll allow you to deliver content to multiple displays, including confidence monitors and stage screens, ensuring that everyone involved in the worship service stays in sync. Additionally, ProPresenter offers extensive control options, including remote control functionality. This control option makes it easy to manage presentations from any angle.

2. OpenSong


A tool like EasyWorship does have strong competitors with higher or a related pricing range. Well, OpenSong on the other hand, comes out to be a free and open-source application. It is quite robust as EasyWorship and any of its advanced alternatives. You can use OpenSong to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overhead and computer projection. OpenSong offers a free and customizable platform for managing worship presentations. It provides a straightforward interface for creating and displaying lyrics, scripture verses, and chords. OpenSong’s simplicity and flexibility make it an ideal choice for smaller churches or anyone without a fixed budget.

One of the key advantages of OpenSong is its extensive compatibility with different file formats, including popular song databases. This allows you to import existing song libraries and easily access a wide range of worship materials. Additionally, OpenSong offers customizable themes and layouts. This will let you make your presentations look stylish and also blend into your church worship style. This is one of the best EasyWorship alternatives for church worship presentations.

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3. Proclaim


Proclaim is another amazing presentation software that is designed for churches and ministries. It ranks as one of the best EasyWorship alternatives for making church presentations. Proclaim offers seamless collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on presentations simultaneously, regardless of their physical location. With Proclaim, you can easily create and manage presentations, import song lyrics, scripture verses, and media files, and even integrate live streams and social media feeds.

One of the reasons why Proclaim is so much is that it integrates easily with most church management systems. With Proclain, users can enable automatic data sync. Other features also include service schedules and song lyrics between Proclain and the church’s existing systems. Additionally, Proclaim provides a library of pre-designed templates and media content to help you create visually stunning presentations with ease. Broadcasting presentations with Proclaim is quite simple and that’s why it is a great choice.

4. MediaShout


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MediaShout is another popular alternative that allows churches and ministries to create appealing presentations. It offers an amazing interface and a wide range of tools to manage and display lyrics, scripture verses, videos, and images. With MediaShout’s integrated media library, you can easily organize and access your multimedia assets, saving you time and effort in preparing for your worship services. If you’re looking for software that works with most bible versions, MediaShout is a top choice.

In addition to MediaShout’s features, it supports the use of plugins and you’ll find plenty of plugins for your presentations. Users can also explore different backgrounds and also use different presents for their presentations. You can also integrate MediaShout with different online media sources, making it easy to fetch videos and audio. If you’re looking for a versatile church or ministry presentation software like EasyWorship. MediaShout is a great choice.

5. WorshipTools

Best EasyWorship Alternatives

WorshipTools is a user-friendly alternative that offers a range of features to enhance your worship presentations. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating and organizing song lyrics, scripture verses, and multimedia content. With WorshipTools, you can seamlessly integrate videos, images, and live camera feeds into your presentations, creating a visually captivating worship experience. This is one of the finest alternatives to EasyWorship.

WorshipTools is a standout alternative to EasyWorship because it has built-in collaboration tools. Church members can work on different presentations at the same time. Another reason why you’ll love WorshipTools is that it is a cross-platform worship presentation tool. You can as well download it on mobile devices like Android and iOS. If you want to download it, you only need to head to Google Play Store and Apple Store. In terms of keeping projects safe, WorshipTools also offers cloud storage and that’s what makes it different from most church presentation tools.

6. SongSelect

Best EasyWorship Alternatives

An alternative to EasyWorship which is basically for audio and text presentations is SongSelect. It offers an extensive database of song lyrics, chord charts, sheet music, and audio tracks, making it a valuable tool for worship planning and presentation. With SongSelect, you can easily search for songs, customize arrangements, and display lyrics in real time during your worship services. The key difference between SongSelect and most tools is its vast library of songs. When it comes to presenting worship songs, SongSelect is known to have plenty of songs.

Another reason why you’ll like SongSelect is its integration with other worship presentation software. You can integrate SongSelect with the likes of MediaShout, ProPresenter and EasyWorship. This makes it easy to import song lyrics and chord charts directly from other presentation tools. Building and managing presentation songs for churches and ministries has been made easy with SongSelect.

7. Worship Him

Worship Him

Worship Him has been around for a very long time until its recent closure. Despite being discontinued, you can still have access to buy and download Worship Him for your church presentation.  It provides a user-friendly interface for creating and displaying multimedia content, including song lyrics, scripture verses, videos, and PowerPoint slides. With Worship Him, you can easily customize slide layouts, apply visual effects, and control presentations using external devices like MIDI keyboards. Getting this software will cost you little compared to other advanced church presentation software.

In terms of features, Worship Him features dual monitor use, you can use audio+video clips. It supports YouTube videos in full screen, it can also read web pages. Users can also use video backgrounds and also sets audio playlists and audio recorders. Furthermore, Worship Him offers features like live video background loops, stage announcements, and countdown timers, adding visual interest and engagement to your presentations. If you’re looking for one of the best EasyWorship alternatives for church presentations, Worship Him is the perfect tool.

8. OpenLP


OpenLP is an open-source church presentation software that offers a free and customizable solution for your worship presentations. It provides an intuitive interface for creating and displaying multimedia content, including song lyrics, scripture verses, and images. With OpenLP, you can easily import song lyrics from popular song databases, manage your worship library, and control presentations with ease.

One of the key advantages of OpenLP is its active community of users and developers. This community contributes to the continuous improvement and expansion of OpenLP’s features and functionality. It offers a range of plugins and themes that allow you to customize and enhance your worship presentations according to your church’s specific needs and preferences.


When looking for an alternative to EasyWorship, with the list of options above. You’ll surely get the right one to use. Whether you’re looking for the budget-friendly type or an open-source church presentation software. The likes of OpenLP and OpenSong are the right candidates for free church presentations. You can have these tools downloaded on your Windows, macOS and Linux OS and they’re very easy to set up.

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