Best Google Pixel 7a deals: Get up to $320 off one of our favorite mid-range phones

Sep 19, 2023

Get a minimum $50 off, no strings attached

For years, the A-series has been a staple on our best budget Android phone lists, delivering an impressive experience at affordable prices. The Pixel 7a is Google’s most advanced A-series device to date, as it brings sought-after features like a 90Hz display and wireless charging to the phone. It also happens to be the most expensive, tied with the Pixel 4a 5G. With that in mind we’ve put together a roundup of all the best places to buy the 7a right now, so you can get the best deal possible on the handset.

Best Google Pixel 7a deals


Source: AT&T


$180 $500 Save $320

For customers on an eligible AT&T unlimited plan, you can get the Pixel 7a for $5 per month without having to trade in a phone. With this 3-year installation plan, you’ll end up paying a whopping $180 for the Pixel 7a, so long as you stick with AT&T for the duration. That’s $320 savings, and easily the best deal going right now.


Source: Google


$444 $500 Save $56

The Pixel 7a is back down to $444 at Google’s online store, which is a $56 discount from its normal price. It’s worth noting that the Pixel 7 is also currently on sale for $449, so for just $5 more you do get a slightly better phone.


Source: Verizon


Not only does Verizon not have any discounts on the Pixel 7a right now, it tacks on an additional $50 for some reason. You should probably avoid buying this particular phone here, unless you are taking advantage of one of its new line or trade-in promos.

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Mint Mobile logo

Mint Mobile

The T-Mobile-backed MVNO Mint Mobile isn’t currently offering a discount on the Pixel 7a itself, but if you purchase the phone with a 6-month plan, you’ll get 6 months of free service. This means that your total for the 7a + 1-year of the unlimited plan is just $680 — a significant savings over similar offerings from larger carriers.


Best Buy

$444 $500 Save $56

Best Buy has the Pixel 7a for $444 as well—no strings attached—and has a few bonus offers that may be worth choosing it over another retailer. You get one free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as 3 free months of YouTube Premium (for new subscribers).

Amazon logo


$444 $500 Save $56

Amazon is also offering the Pixel 7a for $444. As of our latest update only Sea and Snow colorways are available here, but given how frequently inventory fluctuates on the site, it’s worth double-checking when you’re ready to purchase.