Google Docs wants to fancy up your next table of contents

Mar 21, 2023


New ToC options include a choice of default styles and custom spacing

When you hear someone talk about “tocks” in the context of mobile technology, your mind almost certainly goes straight to TikTok — whether thinking about some of best videos discovered on it, or just fretting about a possible ban. But today, TikTok’s a bit of a red herring (just like communism), because the “tocks” we’re discussing are of the ToCs variety: the table of contents at the start of a document. And if you’re a fan of these ToCs, we’ve got good news, as Google is brining a whole bunch of new ToC customization tools to Docs.


If you’re just looking for a quick-and-dirty approach — or maybe aren’t even sure how to get started — Google’s adding a new default ToC style to choose from. More powerful than that, though, we’re also getting custom controls for tab leaders and page numbers, as well as granular control over just how far each level in the contents is indented.

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Today’s table tweaks aren’t just of the “of contents” variety, and Docs is also rethinking its approach to how you customize tables in general. That means sidebar options picking up controls for the in-document alignment of the table itself, as well as display options for the cells within.

Google’s making these tools available to Docs users everywhere, regardless of what sort of account type you’re using. Look for them to start landing this week, and everyone should have them by early April. As you look forward to giving them a shot for yourself, pass the time by catching up on some of our favorite Docs tips & tricks.