How to link your Fire Emblem Engage and Fire Emblem Heroes account

Just like in the days when you could unlock bonuses for having save data on your memory card from certain games when a new one comes out, Fire Emblem Engage lets you unlock some extra goodies if you’ve played the mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes.

However, since the days of memory cards are long-gone, you will need to go through a few extra steps to unlock these extra rewards. Here’s how to link your Fire Emblem Engage and Heroes account to get some bonus items.

How to link your Fire Emblem Engage and Heroes account

There are six bonus items you can get in Fire Emblem Engage if you have played Fire Emblem Heroes. To claim them, you will need to link your accounts.

Step 1: Open Fire Emblem Heroes on your phone.

Step 2: Select the Quests and Missions icon.

Step 3: Either create or link your existing Nintendo Account.

Step 4: Go to the MyNintendo Rewards section and select the Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code.

Step 5: Write down the 16-digit code you are given.
Note that you only have 150 days to redeem your code after receiving it before it expires

Step 6: Go to the Nintendo eShop on your Switch and select Enter Code and input the code.

Step 7: Launch Fire Emblem Engage and visit the Somniel. You will automatically be notified of the rewards being added to your inventory.

The six rewards you get for linking your accounts are:
* Folkvangr sword
* Fensalir lance
* Noatun axe
* Alfonse S-rank bond ring
* Sharena S-rank bond ring
* Anna S-rank bond ring