PremiumContact 7 from Continental Promises Performance and Safety

Sep 17, 2023

Continental’s new PremiumContact 7 tyre promises greater traction on both dry and wet roads and optimal performance without any warm-up. 

Image: Continental

Winning the “2023 Summer Tyre” test from Tyre Reviews and “Best Touring Tyre 2023” from Auto Express, Continental’s PremiumContact 7 is the latest addition of size-specific design to suit a wide range of combustion and electric vehicles, RedChili tread compound and adaptive tread design.

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The seventh generation of premium tyre from Continental took several years to develop owing to delivering maximum safety and grip in a variety of conditions.

German engineering has enabled significant safety advances in the PremiumContact 7: a size-specific design, the innovative RedChili compound for the tread and an adaptive tread design – all of which allows the PremiumContact 7 to tackle South Africa’s roads in a way no other tyre has before.

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Continental states: “With the rise of electric vehicles with particularly long ranges and high performance, the safety factor continues to gain importance in this segment. In addition to improvements in rolling resistance and mileage, the PremiumContact 7 provides high grip and short braking distances for vehicles of all drive types, thanks to its customized designs.”

The German parts manufacturing company further mentioned that the new PremiumContact 7 boasts a RedChili compound which enables optimum performance across the broadest possible temperature range. This allows the tyre to generate high grip even at low temperatures in daily traffic, without any warm-up.

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