First look at the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Cover Screen

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We’ve been hearing rumors regarding the exterior screen for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 for a few months, but a new render seems to further corroborate those previous reports while also providing a sliver of new information. According to an image shared by SamMobile, expect the Z Flip 5 to have a screen that covers nearly the entirety of the closed top section of the foldable  a huge upgrade over the Z Flip 4.

The previous concept images we’ve seen (shared by YouTube leaker SuperRoader) imagined the front display to be split into two discrete parts: one small screen next to the cameras to display the time, battery life, and other quick information — plus a larger screen that takes up the rest of the space that can be used to respond to notifications, take selfies using the rear cameras, and interact with the rest of the phone’s features without needing to unfold it. SamMobile’s design is largely the same but fuses the two screens together — creating a display shaped something like a manilla folder.

The other main difference between the rumored designs we’ve seen so far and SamMobile’s design is that the publication claims that anonymous inside sources shared details regarding the Flip 5’s design with them, making their design a more proper leak as opposed to a pure mockup. If SamMobile’s design is correct, we’re not complaining. A larger display on the unfolded exterior of the Flip 5 could do wonders to completely overhaul the user experience.

While the image that SamMobile shared of its concept isn’t much to write home about, it certainly does inspire a lot of excitement for Galaxy Z Flip fans for any upcoming renders that will hopefully show the exterior screen in action.

In addition to the drastically increased exterior screen size, rumor has it that Samsung will be using a waterdrop hinge for the Flip 5 to allow it to close much tighter without any unnecessary gaps between the sides. If everything we’ve heard about the Flip 5 is true, it seems like it might be shaping up to be one of the most impressive foldables on the market — vastly outshining Samsung’s previous flip and fold efforts.