Western Cape Traffic Department recieves 31 G20 BMWs

Sep 14, 2023

31 modified G20 BMWs were handed over to the Western Cape Traffic Department as the first step towards replacing the department’s existing fleet.

Image: Voice of the Cape

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As part of a total of 122 units that will eventually replace the existing patrol fleet, the 31 cars handed over recently served as the first step towards a more capable patrol fleet. Based on the base price of a 2023 BMW 330i (R1 008 197), the new fleet of G20 BMWs could cost more than R100 million. While it’s likely that a buy-in-bulk discount may have been included and brought down the total price, the fact remains that this is likely an eight-figure investment.

These pricey G20 BMWs are equipped with automatic number plate recognition cameras. The ANPR cameras and the accompanying software rely on the National Traffic Information System to provide officers the ability to scan number plates and provide information regarding previous traffic infringements, cloned number plates, unlicensed vehicles, and more. These new patrol cars also feature a push-to-talk system which allows for easier two-way communication.

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“The Western Cape is still the only province that has a 24/7 presence of traffic services protecting our roads and actively reducing road crash fatalities. Our Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement was also the first enforcement agency to use in-vehicle technology, pioneering the on-board ANPR cameras over the last few years.” – Ricardo Mackenzie, Western Cape Minister of Mobility

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