LinkedIn testing generative AI feature for writing posts

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is expanding the use of generative AI on the platform. A company executive said that people can soon use AI to quickly write posts which they can share in the form of updates with their network.

In a LinkedIn post, Keren Baruch, Director of Product at LinkedIn, said that the company is “starting to test a way for members to use generative AI directly within the LinkedIn share box.”

How will it work
The feature will help users quickly write posts on LinkedIn, which can be challenging and time consuming.

Users will have to share at least 30 words outlining what they want to say. The initial text should be the gist of the post. The AI chatbot will then use that input to create a first draft. Users can then review and edit before they post online.

“Responsible AI is a foundational part of this process so we’ll be moving thoughtfully to test this experience before rolling out to all our members,” Baruch added.

AI for marketers and recruiters
Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced an AI-powered tool for suggesting different copies of an ad based on data from the marketer’s LinkedIn page and Campaign Manager settings.

The tool, which uses OpenAI models to generate different suggestions for introductory text to the ad, enables marketers to input their copy into the Campaign Manager’s “introductory text” box. They can then turn on the “Generate copy suggestions” toggle to receive multiple options.

AI for writing profile summary
LinkedIn is already using generative AI capabilities to generate content for user profiles and job descriptions. The testing of the tool began in March and the company said that it would roll out to all LinkedIn Premium subscribers.

The AI tool scans user profiles for skills and experiences and prepares a draft. According to Tomer Cohen, chief product officer at LinkedIn, the tool maintains the authenticity by using the content already present on a user’s profile.