Li Auto L6 spotted in China as it gets closer to launch

The Li Auto L6 EREV crossover was spotted in China while filming commercial clips. It is the brand’s entry-level SUV with an LFP battery and 172 km of electric range. It will enter the market in April this year with a price range of 250,000 – 300,000 yuan (34,700 – 41,600 USD).

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Li Auto is a young Chinese brand founded in 2015. However, it has already secured a position as one of the bestselling Chinese brands (domestically). In 2023, Li Auto sold over 370,000 cars. Its current model line is represented by the recently launched Mega minivan and three EREV crossovers under the L-series: L7, L8, and L9. The brand’s current bestseller is the Li L7, which sold over 130,000 units last year. Li wants to strengthen its sales volume by adding an entry-level SUV to the L-series: the Li L6.

Li Auto L6 spotted in the wild

Previously, the Li Auto L6 applied for a sales license in China, revealing its specs. Now, it was seen in China making some commercials for social media and TV. Some of these “spy” shots are of good quality and have good angles, hinting that Li Auto could have staged the leakage.

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The spotted Li L6 stays in line with the car disclosed by the Chinese regulator. It is finished in light gray. It also stays in line with other L-series cars. But it has some distinguishing features. Its front bumper has two air intake segments instead of four. Its LED running light strip in the front is also a bit shorter. The L6 has different headlights, door stampings, and a glass line.

From the back, the L6 has a license plate in the rear bumper. Its reflectors are integrated into the unpainted element in the rear bumper. The L6’s rear spoiler has an integrated brake light. From the side, the L6 has a slightly sloped roofline with slanted D-pillars.

The top-rim level of the L6 was spotted in China. We can tell it by the Hesai LiDAR sensor on the roof. According to the regulator fillings, there will also be the L6 without light detection and sensing hardware. The L6 was filmed near the seashore. It is an understandable move since camping retreats have become popular among the young generation of Chinese people.

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Li Auto L6 specs

As mentioned, the L6 is the entry-level car under the Li brand. However, it is still a massive SUV with hefty dimensions of 4925/1960/1735 mm with a wheelbase of 2920 mm. For clarity, we list the sizes of every Li Auto model available to purchase in China below:

  • Li Auto Mega: 5350/1965/1850 mm
  • Li Auto L9: 5218/1998/1800 mm
  • Li Auto L8: 5080/1995/1800 mm
  • Li Auto L7: 5050/1995/1750 mm

The Li Auto L6 is also quite heavy, with a curb weight of 2345 kg. Inside, it has five seats. Similar to every other L-series car, it has the L2E15M 1.5-liter turbocharged engine for 113 kW under the hood. This ICE is manufactured by Power Xinchen, which also supplies engines to BMW in China. L6 is the first Li-branded car to adopt the LFP battery. It has a CATL-manufactured pack for 35.8 kWh, which is good for a 172 km electric range.

There is no official information about the electric motors of the Li L6. According to Chinese sources, it will have 4WD with two e-motors for 130 and 200 kW. It will also most likely get the Snapdragon 8295 chip from Qualcomm. According to insiders, the starting price of the L6 is possibly 249,800 yuan (36,670 USD). For comparison, we list the starting price of every Li Auto model currently on sale:

  • Li Auto Mega – 559,800 yuan (77,700 USD)
  • Li Auto L9 – 429,800 yuan (59,650 USD)
  • Li Auto L8 – 321,800 yuan (44,700 USD)
  • Li Auto L7 – 301,800 yuan (41,900 USD)

Source: Weibo, MIIT