Next-Gen Apple CarPlay Previewed on Porsche

In 2022, Apple unveiled an enhanced version of Car-Play with a unique feature – the ability to extend its influence beyond just the touchscreen to encompass all screens within a vehicle. Recently, Apple provided glimpses of its customized designs in collaboration with luxury sports car manufacturers, Aston Martin and Porsche, showcasing the versatility of the system.

In the Aston Martin rendering, Car-Play takes command of the infotainment screen and the instrument cluster, featuring elegant silver gauges outlined in racing green, framing the album cover art of the media being played.

On the Porsche front, the system extends control to the central touchscreen, instrument cluster, and passenger screen, all adorned with the iconic houndstooth (Pepita) pattern associated with the brand.

The instrument cluster incorporates a central dial with a speedometer on the left and a lap timer on the right. Beyond aesthetic appeal, these designs leverage advanced technology, fulfilling Apple’s promise at the Worldwide Developers Conference to extract vehicle data for functionalities such as the speedometer, battery gauge, and fuel gauge.

The overarching goal is to seamlessly integrate the iPhone experience into the vehicle, providing access to apps, contacts, and personalized settings through the infotainment system, while ensuring that car data remains private and is handled in a privacy-friendly manner.