How Long Does it Take to Get a Loan Against Property

For people who need a large amount of funds, taking out a loan against a property they own is a smart move. However, the anticipation of accessing these funds prompts a common query: how long does it take to get a loan against property? The journey from application to disbursal unfolds over a carefully choreographed timeline, typically spanning several days. 

To demystify this process, let’s delve into the procedural intricacies involved in obtaining a loan against property and understand why patience is indeed a virtue in the realm of secured loans. 

Application Form Submission

The LAP journey commences with the completion of a comprehensive application form. This document, demanding precise information such as personal details, loan amount, income particulars, tax information, property specifics, and employment history, serves as the foundational step. Accuracy in this stage is paramount, as even minor discrepancies can lead to application rejection.

Initial Information Verification

Once the application is submitted, a representative from the lending institution initiates contact to verify personal information, residential details, and undertake an initial property assessment. This serves as a preliminary evaluation of loan against property eligibility

Document Submission

Arguably the most crucial stage, document submission demands the furnishing of several documents in adherence to the lender’s policy. This includes KYC documents, income proof, residence proof, ITRs, bank statements, property documents, and other relevant paperwork. It is imperative to present the latest documentation, ensuring that the property is free from legal disputes.

Verification of Documents

Following document submission, the lender embarks on a rigorous background investigation. This entails scrutinising employment history, financial standing, credit history, and conducting face-to-face interaction to comprehend the applicant’s financial standing. Simultaneously, the lender evaluates the property’s market value, legitimacy, and associated paperwork. The culmination of these latter assessments determines the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, a crucial factor in loan approval. 

LAP Application Approval:

Upon the successful conclusion of verifications, the lender communicates the potential interest rate and other terms and conditions. The applicant receives the final loan approval, paving the way for the signing of the loan agreement as an acknowledgment of acceptance. It is imperative to note that the approved LTV may vary based on individual lender policies.


The final stage of disbursal is reached after the completion of all preceding steps. Once the applicant signs the loan agreement, the sanctioned amount is disbursed. 

In conclusion, securing a loan against property involves a meticulous journey. Those seeking a reliable partner in this financial endeavour may well consider IndusInd Bank’s loan against property. With features like competitive loan against property interest rate, higher loan amounts, long repayment tenure – up to 20 years -, and doorstep services, an IndusInd Bank LAP promises to be a smooth, hassle-free process. 

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